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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our team of excellent technicians is committed to bringing you the best service for garage doors and openers.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

For professional and expert garage door repair services, we are the people to rely on.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are a team of expert professionals that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door springs.

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Garage Door Repair Fridley

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Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Fridley

Our contractor has the most dedicated emergency technicians in Minnesota and promises quick same day response. We are experienced with all branded electric openers and our garage door repair services are impeccable. We replace, install and maintain garage doors of all types.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: University Ave NE
Fridley, Minnesota
Zip code: 55432
Phone: 763-200-9647

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.

We are masters in overhead garage door replacement, installation and repairs and move fast when customers need repairs urgently

Fast Response Garage Door Cable, Spring & Opener Services in Fridley

We at Garage Door Repair Fridley specialize in the installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of all types of doors from overhead to roll up ones. We can help you choose doors and openers of different styles to suit your taste and budget. Our well-trained technicians are not just qualified but also friendly and prompt with their work. We cover a wide range of areas in Minnesota and you can be confident that we will do the job right the first time round. Just like any equipment or appliance at home, garage doors are also used frequently and so they tend to wear out over time. Although you can do some minor maintenance, major repair and maintenance tasks need expertise and that’s where we come into the picture. We are ready to assist you at any time of the day or night.

If your garage door has a problem and you are not sure about what to do, stop and think about your options. Do not attempt to do anything on your own as it can be dangerous. Simply call our specialists to solve the problem for you instead. The most common problem we come across is garage door spring repair. Both torsion and extension springs work quietly and no one can suspect any problem with them until they break down suddenly. We specialize in replacing springs and although it is not every complicated, it can be very dangerous if you attempt to do it on your own. So if you suspect any problem, give us a call right away.

Garage doors are no longer opened manually, unless you have a very old one, and certainly no one wants to exert force and use an old lever to open a heavy door. Garage door openers are very popular and have made opening and closing the garage an easy process. If you are looking to buy a new opener, we can help you with that. Before deciding on a specific model, there are many aspects to consider like the existing garage door, space, etc. We can assess the area thoroughly and choose one that suits your requirement, taste and budget. We can also replace your present non-functional opener and program your remote, if required.

As your local garage door specialist, we offer a wide variety of services such as door and opener installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. As we have several years of experience we can handle any garage door problem, no matter how simple or complicated it is. If your door or opener is not functioning properly and you are afraid to seek help for repairs due to high costs, then it’s time to think again. Our costs are affordable and you are free to discuss the budget with us. This way we can work around it and find an appropriate solution. If you are a new garage door owner, it’s only logical to have many questions, and finding the right answers is essential. As we have dealt with several new owners in the past, we know what the questions most likely to pop up are, and we’ve compiled a list containing the common ones:

*   When I replace my garage door what will happen to the old one? We make sure that your old door is disposed responsibly so there is no environmental hazard and other risks. We follow all safety regulations and standards set in the market.

*   How long can I expect my garage door spring to last?

Torsion springs are designed to complete 10,000 cycles of use where a single instance of opening and closing is referred to as one cycle. In certain cases you can upgrade them to a further 10,000 cycles of use. So ideally a spring should last between 7-9 years depending on how much you use the door and how well you maintain it. We can help in case of unexpected spring repair or replace all of them even if one is broken.

*   I got hurt when I pulled down the door using the section joints. How can I prevent this in the future? First, never ever place your fingers between the joints as it is dangerous. Garage doors nowadays are made in a manner that there is no option to place fingers and risk injuries.

*   What is the function of a corner bracket? Corner brackets come in pairs and are attached to the left and right door corners, and help secure the cables that lift the door. As the cables are under high tension, do not attempt to remove the bracket or cable as it is very dangerous. Our experienced technicians know how to service them, leave it to us.

We welcome our customers to ask questions because it is important to know how the garage door functions and such knowledge is important during emergencies. Our customers are completely satisfied with their experience with us and we guarantee their satisfaction. When we visit your home, we first hear your problems and questions, and take appropriate measurements. Then you can explain the requirements and budget, and that will help us narrow down the options further. You can then choose the best option that fits your needs.

We service all types of doors, openers and other components, in addition to counter shutters, trailer ramps, sectional doors and storage sheet doors. You may own a metal, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood or composite door, we know how to handle each of them. Garage door openers bring in a sense of convenience and more security. We can install chain, belt, screw drive and jackshaft openers made by reputed manufacturers. Our experts recommend installing a jackshaft opener in case the ceiling space is restricted. Emergency back-up systems can also be installed by our technicians and these are particularly helpful during unexpected power outages. The remotes that we install are equipped with rolling code technology, so it is not easy for burglars to break in. Furthermore, we install safety sensors that will prompt the door to automatically reverse when it senses an obstruction. This is an important safety feature.

The garage door plays an important role with respect to the security of your home and if proper care is not rendered, they will turn potentially dangerous and the exterior look of your home will be ruined as well. So here are few pointers that will help keep the door in top condition for many years to come, and how you can keep yourself and others safe as well. Our assistants at Garage Door Repair Company in Fridley can help you with any maintenance issues that you face.

*   Noisy springs. Garage door springs turn noisy owing to constant use and in most cases it may not be a problem. A lubricant can help in some cases, but you need to know to use the right one. In case of excessive noise, our experts can help you.

*   Garage door safety cables. The safety cables connect the spring system and the brackets at the bottom of the door. Hence, they are under a lot of tension and should be handled carefully. Our experts can help you with that. The cables should not be frayed or damaged. If they are, they should be changed immediately.

*   Garage door opener safety. Although you are using an opener and it is very convenient, it is still important to watch the door while it is opening or closing. This is just to make sure that no one gets stuck in its path.

*   Door sensitivity. If you have safety sensors installed on your garage door, then it should automatically reverse if there is an obstruction. If this does not happen then the sensitivity setting needs to be checked and adjusted. We are trained in different door systems and our technicians can adjust it securely.

*   Visual inspection. Watch out for springs, cables, brackets and other components of the door. If you notice even the slightest hint of damage or suspect a problem. Get in touch with our experts immediately and never attempt to repair anything on your own.

Are you looking for a reliable garage door company in your area?

Look no further as we are here to help. You may own a typical overhead door or a carriage style one, a wooden door or a unique glass one, we can repair and install any type. Our service vans are fully stocked and there is a replacement for every component. We do not just repair but also tune-up, troubleshoot, adjust chains and sections, and fix crooked tracks and broken rollers among others. Springs are particularly important and we use oil-tempered springs that typically last far longer than normal springs.

At Garage Door Repair Fridley we provide expert services and have ample experience in the field. We also attend to emergency requests fast, so you need not be worried about having to deal with a broken spring in the middle of the night, or be late to work as your garage door is not opening. While recruiting technicians we take utmost care and follow a rigorous selection process. Only the best and most qualified personnel make it to our team. There is no task too difficult for us, we are ready to assist whenever you need us. Get in touch with us today.

As top experts in electric operators, the services of garage door repair are exceptional. We promise safety through our work to all people in zip code 55432 and guarantee the most reliable professionals in Minnesota. We specialize in overhead doors.

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